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  Airport Car Valet Service Gift Vouchers
Athol Garage Valet Service gift vouchers can be purchased using the following on-line form. Please complete the details and the voucher will be sent to you via email.
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  1. The "Customer" is defined as the individual with whom the valet contract agreement is held and is in charge of the vehicle. It is acknowledged that the legal owner of the vehicle may not necessarily be the person in charge of the vehicle at the time.

  2. The "Customer's Vehicle" is defined as the motor vehicle in the charge and control of the Customer, his agent, servant or employee at the time it is handed over to the care of Athol Garage.

  3. The customer must at all times maintain valid Insurance Cover & Road Fund Licence Duty on the Customer's Vehicle.

  4. In the event that Athol Garage are not in receipt of items listed 1-4 above on the specified departure date, this agreement becomes Void.

  5. In the event of anticipated flight delays or cancelation, the customer should notify the Athol Car Hire desk at their earliest opportunity (Tel: 01624 820092).

  6. In the event that the customer requires to cancel, postpone or early terminate the valet appointment for any reason following the submission of vehicle keys to Athol Garage, the vehicle, keys and car parking ticket will be returned to the customer and the appointment will be forfeited. In such event there is no guarantee the valet has been completed and no refund is payable.

  7. By the customer's signature below, the customer hereby agrees and accepts that Athol Garage (1945) Ltd cannot be held responsible for any costs whatsoever incurred by the customer, or by the customer's vehicle as a consequence of the customer's failure to abide by the instruction information provided.

  8. The customer must act with the authority of the vehicle's legal owner.

  9. In the event of inbound flight delays beyond 21:15hrs, Athol Garage reserve the right to close the Airport Office and the customer hereby agrees to contact the Athol Garage Out of Hours Emergency number (Tel:01624 820099) on their arrival and await further instructions.

  10. Each valet Menu has assigned to it a Maximum Free Parking period after which time has elapsed, vehicle storage fees of £3.50 per day will apply.

Please tick to confirm that you have read and understood our terms & conditions regarding the service.
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